We understand your business

Having been in business for many years, we understand how important it is to have a clean, safe working environment for your staff and customers. We are very keen to service your property and I can assure you that you would be in very good hands.


We are a local, independent, family owned cleaning business and we specialise in commercial office cleaning in the Adelaide metropolitan area.

Competitive Pricing

Not being a “franchise driven” business allows us to keep our overheads and consequently our prices low.

Quality Driven

Being owner operated, we can provide the hands on professional service and attention to detail that our customers require.

Company History

After 5 years of cleaning experience in the hotel industry, Goldway Cleaning was founded in 2015. From observing some of the overall poor quality and general under commitment of some cleaning contractors, the founders decided to play a leading role in improving cleaning standards and revolutionising the way cleaning contractors met client expectations.

Leadership & Vision

Goldway Cleaning was founded on the principles of quality, trust and reliability. The company started with just a handful of family members operating in SA, and today it has a strong team consisting of senior management, office administrators, site managers and valued and committed cleaners.

With over 8 years of commercial cleaning experience, the leadership team at Goldway possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the cleaning Industry.

They are committed to ensuring the best outcomes for Goldway’s clients and have a strong belief that cleaning should not only deliver bottom line results, it should also create better experiences for their customers.

An unwavering dedication to that vision is what has enabled Goldway to grow from strength to strength. The experience, communication, strategic thinking and insightful management of every client that the Goldway team undertakes, has made Goldway one of the most respected commercial cleaning companies in Australia.

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Initially, specialising in just office cleaning, Goldway built a solid reputation as a premium supplier of cleaning services. It wasn’t long before news of the high quality of service being delivered to businesses all over Adelaide started to filter through to other areas of the industry.

Now Goldway participates in almost all aspects of the cleaning industry. Goldway is proudly and professionally providing the highest standard of cleanliness, service, support, care, and building maintenance solutions to all of its existing clients.

Goldway Cleaning’s growth has been a direct result of its focus on consistent quality and client relationships. It has come from humble beginnings as a small family owned start-up to a highly competitive organisation that delivers professional cleaning solutions to multiple industries in Australia. Goldway’s client base has continued to expand at a rapid rate every year.

Whilst that growth is important, the most telling statistic is the retention of customers. Goldway’s ability to not only maintain, but to foster and strengthen close relationships with its customers has been key. Underpinning all of that is the ability to deliver a premium quality service on a consistent basis.